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Thread: Vinyl/stickers on Plastidip

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    Question Vinyl/stickers on Plastidip

    Has any one tried to put a Vinyl sticker on the dip coating? i have done it and it was removeable but i was curious how long it stays? till I decide to peal it of? i know when i put my sticker down it seemed to be fine and it pealed up with out lifting the Dip. I am asking cause i am about to Dip my "Chump Car" or "Lemons car" and I have to put my race number on it and a few other Zombie related items........ thanks guys!

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    I haven't but I've seen a few cars on here that have I'll try and dig up a thread.

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    Dont apply the sticker until at least one or two days after applying the dip. Even at that, you may risk peeling the dip after putting the sticker on. (I have put vinyl on a plasti dipped surface and the vinyl peeled off nicely though)

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    it works ive seen it done myself actualy looking at some decals for myself

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    yes, you can put vinyl over plasti-dip. If you peel the vinyl off, though, that's when you run the risk of peeling up the plastidip.

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    i waited a week then applied the vinyl. I miss placed one peice and with care was able to peel off and apply a new one. the dip seemed very settled.

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    I've painted and put decals on not long after it was fully dried. Taking them off pulled the dip but wasn't hard to fix, just took some time.

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    Be patient with it first. You want to make sure that the plastidip is good and set before you add the sticker. Otherwise its just gonna peel off the dip.

    If you wait long enough then your stickers should be good for quite some time. Your biggest concern at that point would be fading, and nothing looks worse than an old faded sticker. What I would recommend is using UV ink, NOT UV coating. The coating will make it glossy, which is nice, but the ink will make sure that it looks as close to new as possible. Not everywhere does uses UV ink so be careful. I only know Las Vegas Printing, but everything from them turns out nice and lasts a long time so I really haven't tried anyone else.

    Remember, BE PATIENT! You don't want your dip to peel off with the sticker!

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    good to know you can put decals on the dip.

    i need to have the sponsors decals on the rig.

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    you know, this sounds like a great way to use regular paints and or create dimensional designs without making the plasti dip difficult to peel off later.

    If the sticker (vinyl or otherwise) acts like a barrier from the potential problem paint( s ) like we've seen before (chipping, hard to peel later, etc.) then I don't see (need to test) why you couldn't lay down a few layers of dip for initial protection (peelability) and then the vinyl or sticker to separate the layers and then anything else. Thoughts? Applications?

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    I waited about a week after the dip to install mine and they pulled off with no issue months later after day in and day out exposure to the sun and elements. Just warm them a bit with a heat gun and off they come. I will add though that after they have been on awhile you may notice sun fading. I did with the Saturn yellow, it faded horribly.

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