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Thread: 2011 mercedes benz c300 plasti dipped

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    Lightbulb 2011 mercedes benz c300 plasti dipped

    my car as of right now and ill post some thing i tried out with plasti dip

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    Did you use any glossifier on the wheels?

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    no just black plasti dip thinking about putting some glossifier

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    more pics of what i tried

    what i tried

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    SICK!!!!! That Mercedes E/C class 2010+ grille has to be the best looking grille ive seen in years IMO!

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    Thanks man I might keep changing the logo on the grill to keep giving a different feel

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    like the eyerbrows!

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    looks good as always!

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    why no gold emblems all across with matching RIMS!??!

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    I like the rims black I only did the front grill emblem because it stands out from the rest i wanna do my rims blaze blue but not sure if it will look g

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