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Plastidip over Bondo/primer?

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  • Plastidip over Bondo/primer?

    Hi guys, I've been following plastidip since like 2013-ish, Recently I acquired a project car.

    2005 Mustang, has a body kit side scoops etc,. So I bought it as a project and it came with Bondo/primer on the rear quarter panel/side scoop.

    Eventually I want to dip the whole car, but my math on doing the whole car with a pro car kit even without topcoat is pushing $700 and right now that's just not possible.

    The thing is I'm sick of looking at the primer spots on it.

    So I need to find out how good of results I can get using aerosol cans to only cover the primer spots, and what tequnes to use, Currently the car is painted fords competition orange, which is close-ish to koi orange.

    Not looking for a perfect color match, this is a stop gap, to make the primer go away until I can afford the kit

    I know traditional wisdom dictates you should spray body line to body line but I want to do this as cheap as possible and try to only cover up the eyesores.

    I can get a picture of the work surface if needed, it's like 8pm and 30 degrees outside, So i don't wanna go take one tonight.

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    Yes you can. I have a project that I've dipped red to somewhat match the rest for the truck.