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Will Plasti-Dip peel from this edge easily?

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  • Will Plasti-Dip peel from this edge easily?

    I want to plasti-dip the inner barrel of my wheels for a more subtle accent. So you will see the red accent, but only through the black spokes like in the photo below. So it won't be as in-your-face.

    The problem i'm seeing is that the inner barrel is on an angled incline (see drawing i made below - the surfaces of this incline that i want to plasti-dip is highlighted in red). Will plasti-dip be more likely to peel when you don't have those sharp edges or corners (i.e. like in emblems) to create a clean edge from? How would i create a nice clean edge off an angled edge like this? I'm afraid when i pull off the excess, it will tear away from the angled area and create jagged / unclean edges.

    Any help in prepping for this work would be much appreciated!

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    Doesn't seem like this forum is that active. I didn't want to wait, so I just ended up calling DipYourCar directly and they were able to give me answers to this question in like 5 minutes lol.... So there's the advice i was given, and then there's the stuff i learned after doing it.

    What i was told:
    - it will take 6-7 cans of Plasti-Dip to do all 4 wheels
    - use blue painters tape to mask off the edge, then remove it while the paint is still wet to get a clean edge
    - use gun-metal or white color plasti-dip as a base, so that the red will really stick out. Do about 6 coats total - 3 base + 3 color
    - the brake dust will make the wheels look bad, so i was advised not to do this.

    What i learned:
    - One can of white plasti-dip was all that was needed to base-coat all 4 of my wheels (YMMV of course), and 1.5 cans of red to do the coloring for all 4 wheels. I also wanted to glossify it, so add in one can of glossifier.
    - The blue painters tape idea was good, but after putting down 6-7 total coats, you really can't take off the tape while the paint is still wet. It's gonna be mostly dry when you attempt to peal off the tape, which leads to a problem. With dry paint ,the plasti-dip will not tear neatly, but will pull as the product is somewhat rubbery. So instead of a nice clean line, it will stretch and pull, and the line will be messy and jagged .. ugh. I re-did it later, and this time, i used a knife to cut along the blue tape edge before tearing it away. PERFECT LINE this time!!
    - i couldn't find gun-metal color at my local Home-Depot, but i did find white, which worked very well!
    - All of Fonzi's video's suggest waiting 10 mins for the current coat to dry, but i found that after 5 mins or so, the coat was dry to the touch (not runny anyways), so i was able to cut my dry time in half.